In today’s digital world, people want to be connected to their friends, family, business contacts…the world. Technology has come so far in the past 15 years allowing anyone with a computer, laptop, tablet or a smart phone to type text and click to instantly post pictures and video instantly to the social media websites on World Wide Web. Most people are staying connected with each other and their business contacts using Social media network websites and applications such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networking websites. It is just not private citizens using social networking sites; corporations and small business as well as government entities utilize social media networking site for different purposes. Whether Social media networking is being used for self-promotion, staying connected to business contacts, friends or family, a digital foot print or profile is being left on the internet. As wonderful as staying connected is to the majority of the public, some of the information posted by people can also come back to haunt them at a later time. For a private investigator the information left on the internet becomes a valuable bounty of information.

GAIN PI Investigation Agency offers Social Media Network Investigations for a variety of purposes to our clients:

1. Employment
2. Determining cohabitation for spousal support 
3. Child custody
4. Infidelity/Cheating
5. Insurance claims investigations
6. Client profile
7. Business intelligence investigations ( what a competitor may be posting about our clients or their           business.
8. Public image (past posts by client or what other people may be saying about them)
9. Locating lost family and friends 

Even though people try to delete the information from the social media network sites they have posted to, someone somewhere has captured the information one has posted. Though out the years GAIN PI has developed the knowledge, skills and experience performing online investigations and locating information from social media networking sites that has helped our clients find information to help their case or make important decisions. 

GAIN PI Investigation Agency & Consulting, has different levels of Social Networking Investigations with a tiered flat rate option.

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