GAIN PI offers consulting services for businesses and private clients.  

Private Client Consultation

Not everyone needs a full out investigation. Most people can actually do the work for themselves if they are working on a project that needs a little investigating in regards to their own personal matters. Don’t know where to start or you may have hit a dead end and don’t know how to proceed on your DIY case. For a flat fee, GAIN PI will consult with you for two 30 minute consultations by phone. After gathering information from you in the initial consultation GAIN PI will assess what could be done and provide suggestions on how you can help your own investigation. This will include links to pertinent websites where you can look up your own information for your case. If you hit a road block, GAIN PI would be more than glad to consult with you for an additional nominal fee. GAIN PI will not provide consulting on how you can do your own surveillance, video recording, and tape recording phone calls or how to use GPS devices for other than your own personal case. These types of services should always be performed by professionals here at GAIN PI. Even though people can conduct their own investigations for themselves, it is recommended to have an objective party perform the investigations if it is going to be used for any legal matters in the court of law.  To initiate consultation, click on PayPal payment button and make payment. After payment is accepted, click on the “Request Investigation Form” button and fill out form. Once you complete form, click on submit. Once your form has been reviewed and payment has been received, we will contact you at the suggested time and begin the consultation.

Corporate and Small Businesses Consultations

GAIN PI offers consulting services to small businesses and corporations. GAIN PI will examine your process already in place and help determine what should come next or where to look for the missing piece of the puzzle. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to take look at what is in place to determine if the process needs improvement. GAIN PI has consulted on loss prevention issues and has made recommendations that has helped control or eliminated shrinkage. We have used a process to examine cash transactions and inventory and found where and how shrinkage was occurring. Sometimes correcting the shrinkage is as easy as making minor changes to the process that is already in place, or it can be as complex as figuring out who may be causing the issues leading to problems.  

Consulting can be a cost effective solution compared to a full investigation. GAIN PI charges an hourly rate for the more complex cases and to examine the information at hand to determine what information may be needed. Of course there is always the option of turning over the investigation GAIN PI to perform or complete.
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