Retainer Payment
Each case is evaluated by the type of services to be performed, time and expenses to complete the investigation.  A retainer and expense retainer are required to be deposited with GAIN PI prior the start of an investigation. Retainer amounts are determined after the case evaluation process has been completed. Hourly fees for services and expenses will be deducted from the retainer as authorized time is utilized. All services will cease as soon as the retainer has been exhausted. The client has the option of depositing another retainer to continue the investigation or terminate the investigation once the initial retainer has been exhausted.   Investigation assignments from clients who are from outside of the San Diego County area will be handled in the following manner: once case details have been reviewed and investigation assignment is accepted by GAIN PI Private Investigator Agency, a retainer agreement will be emailed or faxed to client who is requesting the investigation. After the client agrees to the terms of the retainer agreement and signs the retainer agreement; the retainer agreement is required to be returned immediately to GAIN PI by fax or email with signed original to be mailed to GAIN PI. The agreed upon retainer amount must be paid immediately to initiate the start of the investigation. By signing the retainer agreement the client accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in the retainer agreement. Once GAIN PI has received the signed retainer agreement, an invoice will be generated through PayPal and sent via email. Instructions on how to process payment with a credit, debit card or check will be included with the invoice.  Once the retainer funds deposited  have cleared GAIN PI's financial institution, the investigation will be initiated.
GAIN PI accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover credit cards, debit cards and checks through PayPal.  

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