GAIN PI understands how devastating these types of issues can be to a relationship or marriage. You need to know what is going on so you can decide on what to do and move forward with your life. Some people in these situations often take matters into their own hands. These actions often result in making unwise decisions making the situation worse and could lead to highly emotional and volatile circumstances. Mistakes made by people who have tried to play detective on their own have led to falsely accusing their partner or spouse of infidelity or other improprieties, causing additional stress on the relationship. Emotional and hasty decision making ultimately will lead to false accusations could force your partner or spouse to end the relationship or marriage. GAIN PI will discreetly obtain and provide you with the answers to your questions so you can make a decision how you will proceed with the relationship and your life. Information obtained during an investigation will help you prepare your strategy in protecting your heart, financial assets, as well as your family and your piece of mind. If evidence of infidelity or impropriety is obtained, GAIN PI strongly recommends consulting with a qualified family law attorney to learn how to preserve your assets or retain custody of your children if children are involved. 

GAIN PI's philosophy is to always try to be accessible to our clients, through email, text messages or by phone; we will always return communications within 24 hours if not immediately (restrictions apply). 
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