GAIN PI has over 25 year of experience conducting surveillance for insurance claims investigations, corporate investigations, employee theft investigations and cheater/infidelity issues to determine the activities of a subject or subjects. GAIN PI has the ability to provide investigative solutions in order to obtain information about a subject. Surveillance is a highly specialized skill, which requires patience, split second decision making and high quality equipment. With over 25 years of experience in the field conducting surveillance, GAIN PI has a high rate of success obtaining videotaped evidence using techniques and skills which allow us to get up close and personal with the subject without being detected. GAIN PI uses high quality digital video camcorders and hidden body worn cameras with low light capabilities. Our surveillance work has resulted in prosecution of fraudulent insurance claims, resolved domestic issues for our clients and has led to the termination of employees involved in theft. Surveillance investigations have become more challenging in today’s environment with increased media exploitation, public awareness, heavier traffic congestion, red light and speeding violation cameras. Responsive to these modern times, GAIN PI has pro-actively developed adaptive skills and techniques through the use of technology to increase our rate of success.  

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